I am an educator with over 15 years' experience in UK and international education, both in traditional schools and not for profit settings.  I am an experienced leader having had successful tenures as Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and most recently as Deputy Director of Education of an international education charity.

I began my career in the classroom and quickly developed a keen interest in narrowing gap for disadvantaged children; for me, the gap is not just about attainment, but aspirations, long-term physical and mental health and each child's life chances.

Working as a Deputy Headteacher in one of the most deprived schools in Kent allowed me to gain an understanding of the dynamics required to use education leadership as a transformative tool.  I used this learning to affect transformation in my Headship post, leading a school that valued high achievement, emotional wellbeing and happiness in equal measure.  In 2016, the school was one of the most successful in Kent and ranked in The Sunday Times' top 200 state schools in the UK.

Most recently, I have worked for an international charity and led the improvement of learning and teaching in 230 rural schools in Gujarat, India.  As part of this challenging project, I designed and delivered highly effective in-house training to 160 Headteachers.  I also researched and developed the bespoke coaching programme that middle and senior leaders in India used; a pioneering approach that saw a ground-shift away from directive interactions to open and facilitative dialogues that enabled senior leaders to function more effectively and to better understand the challenges their teams faced.

Being embedded in workplaces across Gujarat and the UK gives me a unique insight into how challenging external and internal dynamics can be transformed and how leaders can grow in a way that is both meaningful on a personal and professional level.

I am a passionate individual driven to support, coach and develop others.