"Day 1 of our Action Learning Sets today. Morning of unpicking our own leadership drivers and afternoon of unpicking problems through coaching. Facilitation by Matt was outstanding. Left with a few more actions though!" Mark Chatley, Headteacher

My view of development is working with organisations to develop the strategy for their people, their improvement and how to secure the best outcomes.

I offer development support for schools which can include a review of their learning and development strategy along with their approach to enhancing staff well-being authentically.

I also work with schools in their self-improvement journey through a supportive model of coaching. 


"It was inspiring to see a school leader so open and committed to his pupils and staff and engaging in the wider community. Without his belief in us all, including the artist we commissioned together, and the research team, the work would not have been the success it was or have the legacy it created." Sarah Fox, Head of Creative Programmes